This adaptable lighting concept intends to convert a public space into a showy and private atmosphere, without disturbing others' space. The main achievement is its manageable character, since you only need to turn a crank handle to produce a wide range of colored shades. With a graphical character, it recreates the textures of a traditional curtain of some French houses: La dentelle. This lace is more than a simple decoration but a strong French value. This device is a reinterpretation that invites to Peace, Coexistence and Respect as universal values to be promoted not only in Paris but all around the world. It proposes an intimate space in the heart of public spaces to play, to wait under a roof into the rain or just a place for an unexpected meeting. During the day the same curtain can transform the space with shades as curtains do behind Parisian windows.

Size:  12 m²

Type:   Competition – Clue International Lighting Design Competition « One for light, light for all »

Program:  Public space

Date:  2017

Location:  Paris, France

Status:  Project – Closed

Role:  Designer